Our Mission

Our mission is to advocate for the integration of Syrian refugees into the United States. We promote durable solutions that ease the financial, academic, and social transitions of the newly resettled without compromising their dignity or autonomy. We acknowledge that refugee resettlement is a moral and legal obligation, which is why we educate the community on the experiences of resettled individuals. 

We are also advocates in local communities, which serve as networks of support for resettled refugees. We facilitate collaboration and volunteer work with like minded groups. Lastly, we work to lobby state and national legislatures and organizations to remove the barriers that hinder the successful integration of refugees.

Our Logo

The jasmine is very significant for Syrians because the capital, Damascus, is known as “the city of jasmine”. There are jasmines draped on almost every wall in the city and the flower is used by Syrians to make different types of traditional perfumes. During the beginning of the Syrian revolution, people would march through the streets protesting and onlookers from buildings would throw jasmine flowers onto them as a way to encourage them and support them. Olive branches are a common symbol of peace. In order to show the world that the revolution’s intentions were peaceful, protesters held olive branches in their hands while they marched.

Core Values:

  • Initiating student action for the marginalized
  • Promoting sustainable, durable solutions for refugee integration
  • Upholding the dignity of the newly resettled
  • Acknowledging refugee resettlement is not charity, but a moral and legal obligation

Core Goals:

  • Educate the community on the experiences of resettled individuals
  • Facilitate a community that serves as a network of support
  • Remove barriers that hinder successful and effective integration
  • Encourage collaboration and volunteering with partner groups